Onderwijsbureau Scientia

Voor coaching, consultancy en trainingen

My story

I enjoy every second of this journey.

An idea was born

For years, I desire to accomplish more within education. I want to do more than merely teach English. In 2016, I started the Master training Educational Sciences at the Open University, this really got me. That enthusiasm and feeling, I wanted to give back to education. This is how, a year later, the idea for a consulting agency for quality care in education came about. In 2019, there is now time to give shape to that idea and realize it further. 

Let me introduce myself

My name is Gisela van Manen, born in 1983 and since 2007 employed in education. I love taking on challenges and puzzles, in which I prefer to think out of the box.  


To me, painting is a way to creatively express my ideas. All paintings on this website are made by me. When interested,  feel free to contact me.